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All the real estate ads you ever wanted on your tablet or smartphone!

applis tablette et smartphoneapplis tablette et smartphone has several mobile apps which you can use to find all things real estate: real estate ads, articles from our dedicated blog, contact information for real estate agencies and so on. We also have an iPad application specially made for reading our magazines!

Apps for tablet and smartphone!

You can download the app in the Play Store on Android. Simply search for and you’ll find it no problem!

Or follow this link: Install Android app

Pay attention! There is also a French version out there called This app will only show you properties in France!

After downloading the app, you need only follow the instructions for installation shown on your device and you’re set! Oh by the way, our app is free of charge!

The app will save your last searches automatically and you can also use it to sign up for an e-mail alert, which will keep you up to date on the new properties that match your search criteria. Furthermore, you can find all of your favourite properties on a map, convenient if you would like to pay your dream home a visit!

The apps run smoothly on both tablet and smartphone for Android, an important platform which covers household names such as Samsung, LG, Sony Experia, Google Nexus and so on.

iOS application

As for the Apple fans, of course our apps run on iOS as well, with all the same functionality and options you can find on the Android app.

Only notable difference is that the iOS app allows you to enable push messages. This’ll keep you up to date on all the real estate to kindle your interest.

Again, you need only search for to find the app.

Or follow this link: Install iOS app

Magazine application for iPad

Each of our 4 regional Logic Immo magazines can be read on a dedicated iPad app, which has the most recent editions available.

Depending on the region of your interest (Brussels-Brabant, Hainaut, Liège or East- and West-Flanders and the Belgian coast), you can find the latest information and articles on real estate in that area, and of course real estate ads!

The app will give you the option to choose between the 4 regional magazines. It’s up to you to decide which one is most interesting to you!

Running the app every once in a while should be enough to keep up to date on all things real estate. A new edition of our magazine appears about every 3 weeks.

Of course this app is free of charge as well and can be easily found by searching the Apple store for magazine.

Here’s the link to our app in the Apple store: App magazine

Again, pay attention not to confuse the .be version with the .com one, which will show you nothing but French real estate. The icon for the Belgian version is pink, so it’s hard to be mistaken!

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